About SolutionsWest


SolutionsWest is recognized for our ability to manage complex transitions for organizations and enterprise systems, and for rolling out effective, large-scale training solutions.

SolutionsWest is there from the beginning – working with developers, subject matter experts, and the project management team; learning the details of the system and the ins and outs of the organization’s business processes. This is how we orchestrate the right training solution and create the most effective implementation strategy. This is how we help you succeed.


Renée Carter founded SolutionsWest following her successful career in continuing education at the University of California, and after a successful transition to management consulting. Along the way, she developed strong relationships with California’s top IT companies – relationships built on trust, integrity, and performance. Renee and her team have earned a stellar reputation as a firm with the knowledge, temperament, and skills that organizations need to master large-scale, high risk projects that meet performance goals and are delivered on time.

SolutionsWest has created programs that serve County departments of social services and State of California agencies implementing new IT systems. We have created supervisory excellence and leadership development programs for cities, counties, and other public entities.