What we do

A new enterprise IT solution often requires many months of development, millions of dollars, thousands of policy and design decisions; and then testing, fixes, and retesting to finally reach fruition. A major new system changes everything. Staff and stakeholders are faced with adopting not just a new system, but also new policies, new procedures, and generally learning how to make it all work.

This is where SolutionsWest shines. We are recognized for our ability to manage complex transitions for new users and for rolling out effective training solutions. SolutionsWest is there from the beginning – working with developers, the project management team, and subject matter experts; learning the details of the system and the ins and outs of the organization’s business processes. This is how we orchestrate the right training solution, or create the most effective implementation strategy. This is how we help you succeed.


From SolutionsWest’s beginnings in 1997, designing, developing, and delivering executive level training at the University of California, Davis, we have gone on to create programs serving County departments of social services, State of California IT systems, and supervisory and management development for cities, counties, and other public entities.

SolutionsWest has worked on implementing several statewide systems – California Child Support Automated System (CCSAS), Statewide Automated Welfare Systems (SAWS), Child Welfare Services/Case Management System, Kansas Integrated Eligibility and Enrollment System (KEES), Hawaii Health Insurance Exchange (HIHIX) Implementation Project, and the California Health Benefit Exchange (CalHEERS Project).

Our Philosophy 

At SolutionsWest, we approach each of our consulting jobs as an opportunity to connect with our clients and apply our core values and skills to meet their objectives:  

  • We invest in lasting relationships with our clients and stakeholders. Through trust, mutual respect and professionalism, we foster a collaborative and focused atmosphere of hard work and pride in the results achieved together.   
  • We bring the right mix of consulting skills. Members of our team have domain knowledge, systems expertise, technical skills and the personal touch to help clients succeed.   
  • We understand the importance of objectives and how to meet them. We recognize the need to keep a schedule. We understand business and technical requirements and the many tasks and decisions that add up to success.  
  • We tailor our approach to your needs to create the best outcome for you.